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SUGCON Europe 2022 Recap

Had an awesome time at SUGON EU 2022 in Budapest. Here are the highlights of the event. Day 1 Event kick-off by Tamas Keynote by Steve Tzikakis Keynote by Dave O’Flanagan Product demo by Andy Cohen 3 breakouts Awards (Hackathon winner, no MVP awards) Community Quiz Day 2 Keynote by Pieter Brinkman & Jason St-Cyr – Architect’s Guide to SaaS migration 4 long breakouts 3 lightning breakouts Sitecore Discover product demo Product roadmap by Jake Hookom (OrderCloud) and Roger Conolly (StyleLabs) Keynote by Steve Tzikakis First public appearance in 18 months Doubled staff to 2200. Shooting for 3000 employees by next year Sitecore doubled R&D budget to 22%, 16% is industry’s highest spend New offices in Dubai, Riyad, Athens, Boston, Madrid and Milan Fully cloud based CMS by summer 2022 (~July) Content Hub positioned as Content Management Keynote by Dave O' Flanagan Sitecore DXP 2022 roadmap and beyond Big focus on XM Cloud & Jamstack (~7 sessions related to Jamstack/APIs) Fron

Part 2 - Decomposing and decoupling to achieve composability

Having introduced "composable" in part 1 , we will now look at deconstructing and decoupling the typical layers of a digital solution to understand how composability can be achieved within them. Let's assume a typical application is composed of the following four layers: Client UI - typical client UI to serve channels like web, mobile, email, Social, AR/VR, Kiosk Infrastructure - this includes networking, security, hosting, routing and other typical functions Platforms/products - Off-the-self, plug-and-play, pay-as-you-go, bespoke products and tools that offer packaged business capabilities (PCBs is another Gartner term) or business applications as well as persistence Data storage - storage and persistence for data and analytics. Enterprise Data Lakes, Collections DB etc. Non-composable version of a digital solution will still include these layers but they are siloed. Decomposing the digital solution into these basic layers is in other terms is achieved through decoupling

Part 1 - Introduction to Composable

 If you are in the business of building digital solutions, you may have come across the terms "Composable", "Composable Enterprise", "Composable Architecture", "Composable DXP"  "Composable Commerce" etc. I believe this was coined by Gartner in one of their publications couple of years ago and since then it has gained a lot of traction. But like most industry jargons, most readers tend to piece the topic together in their mind by associating the definition of the word with a function they perform professionally. For e.g. API-first . Every time I ask someone to define what API-first means, they then do offer a simple explanation which is to build APIs first before building UI or something similar. While there may be nothing wrong with that definition, API-first much more than that. for e.g. developing an API description language . So, I thought it may be a good idea to dig a bit deeper into "Composable" and perhaps offer a fram