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Accelerating Digital Business with Enterprise Marketplaces using Sitecore Experience Cloud Part 1: What is a digital marketplace

Traditional commerce has a buyer and a seller and can achieve linear growth. Growing digital business at scale requires a new business model and rapidly bringing new capabilities, products, and services to the market by partnering with 3rd party sellers. In the post-COVID era, online marketplaces will scale business with new partnerships, improved CX, lower costs, and improved efficiency. Making the case for Enterprise digital marketplaces (the what, why & how)  What is a digital marketplace: A marketplace is an e-commerce site where customers can choose from many products offered by multiple sellers. The key here is the emergence of the role of an Operator that is distinguished from a Seller. The focus areas for an Operator are: Seller onboarding & management Product listing Rules & processes Fund collection & distribution Order management & payment processing Fulfillment & logistics Financial services & management Reporting & analysis Value-added servi