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Back to Basics: Fetch Solr Index Field Name for Sitecore Fields Using Solr FieldNameTranslator

I have been meaning to write this post for a while as I have been using this nifty little feature in all my content search API implementations using the Solr provider.

Unsafe: Defining SearchResultItem classes using hard coded Solr fields names for IndexField data annotation attributes as follows:

[IndexField("page_title")] public string PageTitle { get; set; }
Cause runtime errors when field names change in SitecoreHard coded strings, sort of magic valuesUnmanageable codeSafe: Define SearchResultItem classes using strongly typed constants for data annotation attributes as follows:
[IndexField(SampleItem.PageTitleSolrIndexFieldName)] public string PageTitle { get; set; }
Compile time errors are way better than runtime errorsMore manageable codeMore readable codeMore dynamic query buildingTrick: Fetch Solr translated field name valueson template fields using FieldNameTranslator and reference them  with code generation.
Step 1: Create a base template to store the…

Experience Marketing: The Crawl, Walk, Run of Sitecore - Part 3 - The Run Phase

Achieving the Run phase means that you have arrived when it comes to your digital marketing goals and capabilities. Before you continue with the Run phase, if you haven't already read Part 1 and Part 2 of this 3 part series, I highly recommend reading the Crawl and Walk phases first. As this the last phase of experience marketing maturity, sky is the limit to what you can do with Sitecore's experience marketing features.

Let's see what more we can do within our four categories of experience marketing tasks: Content ProfilingContent PersonalizationContact ProfilingAnalytics The Run Phase One thing you will start to notice as we get into the Run phase is that you start to blur the lines between the 4 categories mentioned above. Each category will start to get intertwined with another. Let's see how occurs in this phase: Content Profiling - Run PhaseBy now you should have a good grasp of audience segmentation and having arrived at well defined personas and profiles, here i…

Experience Marketing: The Crawl, Walk, Run of Sitecore - Part 2 - The Walk Phase

Welcome to part 2 of the three part series of  The Crawl, Walk, Run of Sitecore Experience Management. You can get a good context of what this series is about by reading Part 1. In this part we will add more digital engagement tasks to our 4 primary categories:
Content ProfilingContent PersonalizatitonContact ProfilingAnalytics The Walk Phase In this phase we will do more of what we did in crawl phase but by looking back at the analytics we have collected thus far. We will also add and expand on our list of to-dos. Content Profiling - WalkPhaseAfter having collected sufficient web analytics data, you should be able to move on to the walk phase of content profiling.  
Data Driven Personas: Evolve your existing personas from research driven to data driven personas. Have a data science team analyze your web analytics data in order to come up with personas and profiles.Create Profile Keys, Profile Cards, Pattern Cards: create these based on the data driven personas.
Assign Profile Values to …