Part 1 - Introduction to Composable

 If you are in the business of building digital solutions, you may have come across the terms "Composable", "Composable Enterprise", "Composable Architecture", "Composable DXP"  "Composable Commerce" etc. I believe this was coined by Gartner in one of their publications couple of years ago and since then it has gained a lot of traction. But like most industry jargons, most readers tend to piece the topic together in their mind by associating the definition of the word with a function they perform professionally. For e.g. API-first. Every time I ask someone to define what API-first means, they then do offer a simple explanation which is to build APIs first before building UI or something similar. While there may be nothing wrong with that definition, API-first much more than that. for e.g. developing an API description language.

So, I thought it may be a good idea to dig a bit deeper into "Composable" and perhaps offer a framework for discussion.

So let's start with the purpose of "Composable Architecture. The purpose of Composable within CX is to:

Deliver task-oriented capabilities, eliminate redundancy, unify and modularize Content & Data for personalization & reuse, thereby enabling a composable CX.


definition of composable

Now to define the key tenets of Composable Architecture. A Composable Architecture should be:

  1. Understandable
  2. Scalable
  3. Testable
  4. Composable
  5. Modular
  6. Autonomous
  7. Orchestrated
  8. Discoverable
eight tenets of composable architecture

In the next part, I will define each of these tenets.


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