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Sitecore Omni: Sitecore APIs Explained

Whether you are looking to leverage the headless CMS capabilities of Sitecore XP or simply looking to federate content and presentation via Sitecore's APIs, Sitecore Omni has exactly what you are looking for.

Peeling the layers behind Sitecore Omni, here is everything you can get from Sitecore XP.

For the purpose of this post, I will focus on the API layer of Sitecore. Sitecore provides the following APIs:

Sitecore Services Client APISitecore GraphQL API Sitecore Layout Services API Sitecore Services Client APIUses ASP.NET Web API as foundation for a RESTful API.Provide ItemService (Sitecore content items) and EntityService (custom business objects).Allows execution of Sitecore Search. Pros Available OOTB in older and newer versions of Sitecore XP.Provides read-only access to content item as JSON OData. No server-side code needed.Provide RESTful API for CRUD operations on items and executing Sitecore Search queries.Supports authentication and authorization.No extra licensing cost.S…

Decision tree for selecting the best cloud hosting option (App service, VM, Containers, Serverless)

While working on a project last year, we were looking at various options for our Microservices hosting strategy. My colleague came across this decision workflow from Microsoft for their Azure hosting service options and I thought of sharing it here.

This decision workflow can help in the following scenarios (and others):

Hosting options for new build vs migrationOverall cloud migration strategyWeb & API hosting optionsIaaS vs PaaS vs serverlessMicroservices deployment and scaling strategy Feel free to comment on ways in which this may have helped you.

Performance Monitoring, Testing & Optimization - Part 1

Part 1 - Performance Monitoring When somebody raises the issue of performance my first question to them is, "show me the data".

Quite often I notice, there isn't sufficient data to support the perception. So my first suggestion is let's do some baselining.

Broadly speaking, performance of web based software solution can be split into two categories:
Server Side PerformanceClient Side Performance Performance testing requires the following components:
Performance KPIsPerformance monitoring toolsPerformance testing toolsTest environmentsLoad distribution modelTest scenariosReporting data In this article (Part 1) we will cover #1 & #2 as the first step towards setting up a holistic performance testing practice is to know what to measure and how to measure it. Performance KPIs Baselining performance requires monitoring a comprehensive set of client-side and server-side KPIs.
Server-side KPIsKPI Description Response Time Response Times for each transaction in seconds Hits …