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Performance Monitoring, Testing & Optimization - Part 1

Part 1 - Performance Monitoring When somebody raises the issue of performance my first question to them is, "show me the data".

Quite often I notice, there isn't sufficient data to support the perception. So my first suggestion is let's do some baselining.

Broadly speaking, performance of web based software solution can be split into two categories:
Server Side PerformanceClient Side Performance Performance testing requires the following components:
Performance KPIsPerformance monitoring toolsPerformance testing toolsTest environmentsLoad distribution modelTest scenariosReporting data In this article (Part 1) we will cover #1 & #2 as the first step towards setting up a holistic performance testing practice is to know what to measure and how to measure it. Performance KPIs Baselining performance requires monitoring a comprehensive set of client-side and server-side KPIs.
Server-side KPIsKPI Description Response Time Response Times for each transaction in seconds Hits …