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Experience Marketing: The Crawl, Walk, Run of Sitecore - Part 1 - The Crawl Phase

In all my experience delivering Sitecore solutions, and having worked for a few platinum implementation partners, I have come to know the "Crawl, Walk & Run" pitch quite well. To most customers, when they hear the crawl, walk and run, I think all they hear is Phase 1, Phase 2, other parking lot items. And guess what is often a Phase 2 item...enabling xDB and its features such as content personlization, visitor identification, campaign management etc. Implementation partners actually may help you justify this by giving various excuses such as, the implementation of these featured will have a significant impact to budget, timeline, etc. I think this has been the challenge Sitecore as a company has been trying very hard to overcome. Moreover, the past two Gartner reports show Sitecore neck to neck with Adobe as clear leaders in the Digital Marketing space but falling short on execution of it's experience management features (now digital exeprience). One of the bi