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Experience Marketing: The Crawl, Walk, Run of Sitecore - Part 2 - The Walk Phase

Welcome to part 2 of the three part series of  The Crawl, Walk, Run of Sitecore Experience Management. You can get a good context of what this series is about by reading  Part 1 . In this part we will add more digital engagement tasks to our 4 primary categories: Content Profiling Content Personalizatiton Contact Profiling Analytics The Walk Phase In this phase we will do more of what we did in crawl phase but by looking back at the analytics we have collected thus far. We will also add and expand on our list of to-dos. Content Profiling - Walk Phase After having collected sufficient web analytics data, you should be able to move on to the walk phase of content profiling.   Data Driven Personas: Evolve your existing personas from research driven to data driven personas. Have a data science team analyze your web analytics data in order to come up with personas and profiles. Create Profile Keys, Profile Cards, Pattern Cards: create these based on the data