SUGCON Europe 2022 Recap

Had an awesome time at SUGON EU 2022 in Budapest. Here are the highlights of the event.

Day 1

  1. Event kick-off by Tamas
  2. Keynote by Steve Tzikakis
  3. Keynote by Dave O’Flanagan
  4. Product demo by Andy Cohen
  5. 3 breakouts
  6. Awards (Hackathon winner, no MVP awards)
  7. Community Quiz

Day 2

  1. Keynote by Pieter Brinkman & Jason St-Cyr – Architect’s Guide to SaaS migration
  2. 4 long breakouts
  3. 3 lightning breakouts
  4. Sitecore Discover product demo
  5. Product roadmap by Jake Hookom (OrderCloud) and Roger Conolly (StyleLabs)

Keynote by Steve Tzikakis

    1. First public appearance in 18 months
    2. Doubled staff to 2200. Shooting for 3000 employees by next year
    3. Sitecore doubled R&D budget to 22%, 16% is industry’s highest spend
    4. New offices in Dubai, Riyad, Athens, Boston, Madrid and Milan
    5. Fully cloud based CMS by summer 2022 (~July)
    6. Content Hub positioned as Content Management

    Keynote by Dave O' Flanagan

    Sitecore Product Roadmap

    1. Sitecore DXP 2022 roadmap and beyond
    2. Big focus on XM Cloud & Jamstack (~7 sessions related to Jamstack/APIs)
    3. Front End as a service will be a first of its kind offering in the industry (power visual builder)
    4. Content Hub as headless CMS
    5. Several product spotlights

    Sitecore XM Cloud Build and Deploy under 5 mins

    Sitecore XM Cloud

    1. What is included in the new XP cloud
    2. What is now excluded or being excluded or reworked
    3. Installing XM Cloud in under 5 mins
    4. XM Cloud Deploy
    5. New release cadence
    6. NO MORE UPGRADES!!! (automatic updates)

    Migrating to SaaS? The answer is ... "It Depends!"

    1. Assessing the whether to say on Platform or go Composable
    2. XM Cloud + Experience Edge + Next.js +Vercel for express path to composable

    Product Spotlight - Integration Layer

    1. Sitecore now has product that are not just on Azure but on AWS as well
    2. Integration layer breaks down XP features for composability
      1. Identity & SSO
      2. Audiences & personalization
      3. APIs & Connectors
      4. Analytics & AI
      5. Content & Media
    3. Admin UI
    4. Front-end as a service

    Watch my presentation of the highlights at recent Atlanta Sitecore User Group.


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