Google Lighthouse Tips: Importance of web page speed

Google Lighthouse tips

Mobile Focus 

  1. 75% of global mobile users were on 2G and 3G as of 2016 (Source: GSMA Mobile) 
  2. 1MB takes minimum of 5 seconds to download on a typical 3G connection. (Source: WebPageTest & DevTools 3D definition) 
  3.  19 seconds is the average time a mobile web page takes to load on a 3G connection. (Source: Google DoubleClick blog) 
  4. 70% of mobile pages take nearly 7 seconds for visual content above the fold to display on the screen. (Source: Think with Google) 

UX & UI Performance 

  1. As the number of elements on a page increases from 400 to 6000 the probability of conversion drops 95%. (Source Think with Google) 
  2. Site takes >1 sec to become interactive, users lose attention, and their perception of completing the page task is broken. (Source: Google Developers Blog) 
  3. As page load time increases from 1 sec to 7 secs, the probably of mobile site visitor bouncing increased 113%. (Source: Think with Google) 
Proven Results 

  1. Walmart saw 1% increase in revenue for every 100ms improvement in page load. (Source: WPO Stats) 
  2. Rebuilding Pinterest pages for performance increased conversion rates by 15%. (Source: WPO Stats) 
  3. By reducing the response size of JSON needed for displaying comments, Instagram saw increased impressions (Source: WPO Stats)


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