1:1 Personalized marketing at scale using Sitecore Connect for Salesforce Pardot


Sitecore connect for pardot
The 3 pillars of personalized marketing at scale are:

  1. Robust Digital Experience Platform (DXP)
  2. Marketing automation platform
  3. CRM
The key to achieving real time personalized marketing requires breaking data silos by integrating systems, building customer profiles iteratively and across channels, collecting the right data, identifying the right KPIs for measurement of success and aligning KPIs with business goals,

The Sitecore connect for Salesforce Pardot is a Sitecore connector that provides bi-directional syncing of real time interactions tracked across channels by both Sitecore and Pardot. It offers real time personalization using Sitecore based on a number of data facets available in both Sitecore and Salesforce Pardot.

It offers the following features:
  1. Integrate multiple instances of Pardot with a single instance of Sitecore.
  2. On-demand bi-directional syncing of marketing data.
  3. Uses email as a unique identifier between Sitecore Contacts and Pardot Prospects.
  4. Creates new contacts and updates existing contacts.
  5. Personalize Sitecore based on Pardot field values.
  6. Custom tab in Sitecore xProfile for viewing Pardot data.
  7. Custom fields created in Pardot for Sitecore form data, interactions and search keywords.
  8. Custom submit action for Sitecore Forms to post data to Pardot.
  9. Pardot activity types are created in Sitecore Marketing Control Panel as Goals for tracking and attribution.
  10. Custom scheduler in Sitecore for nightly sync.
You can request the connector from Sitecore's Marketplace.


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