Accelerating Digital Business with Enterprise Marketplaces using Sitecore Experience Cloud Part 3: How to build a marketplace


Sitecore Experience Cloud

Here are the building blocks of a marketplace:

  1. Traditional E-commerce engine.
  2. Loosely couple front-end, including store-front.
  3. Self-service marketing and digital operations.
  4. Robust content life cycle management that includes digital asset management.
  5. Single sign on for sellers and operators.
  6. Cloud first deployment for scalability.

Here is how Sitecore Experience Cloud can enable marketplace features:
  1. E-commerce engine and B2B accelerator that includes product catalog, pricing, promotions, order, inventory, billing, and shipping management using Sitecore Experience Commerce.
  2. Omnichannel, multitenant, headless storefronts for product browsing using SXA & Sitecore JSS.
  3. Self-service digital operations with next-gen editing experience with drag/drop editing, device simulation, personalization, analytics, governance with Sitecore Horizon. Onboarding operations, lead capture, help and support using Sitecore Forms. Attract and nurture using Campaign Manager, Marketing Automation and EXM in Sitecore XP.
  4. Digital asset management and product content management using Sitecore’s Content Hub.
  5. SSO using Sitecore’s Federated Authentication and Identity Server.
  6. Elastic deployment using Sitecore containers or Sitecore’s Managed Cloud.
Sitecore reference architecture for digital marketplace


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