First look at Sitecore XM Cloud: Part 4 - Creating a new Site

 Once you have successfully create an environment, you can go ahead and create your first site.

In order to create a new Site, you need to launch the Sitecore Launchpad by clicking on the "XM Cloud Launchpad":

Sitecore XM Cloud launchpad

Click on "Sites" menu to create a new Site:

Create a site

Click on "Add your first website" button to start the wizard. I chose the "Basic Site" template:

Choose a template

Enter a Site name and pick a language and click on "Create website" button.

Configure site

You will see the following screen while your Site is being created:

Site creation in progress

Once the Site is created, you can edit it in Pages or Explorer using the context menu:

Edit site

Explorer view of the Site:

1. "Details" view of page.

Explorer view

2. "Content" view of page:

Content view

Unfortunately, trying to load the new Site in pages gives "Unable to connect to remote server"

Unable to connect to remote server


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