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Sitecore Omni: Sitecore APIs Explained

Whether you are looking to leverage the headless CMS capabilities of Sitecore XP or simply looking to federate content and presentation via Sitecore's APIs, Sitecore Omni has exactly what you are looking for. Peeling the layers behind Sitecore Omni, here is everything you can get from Sitecore XP. For the purpose of this post, I will focus on the API layer of Sitecore. Sitecore provides the following APIs: Sitecore Services Client API Sitecore GraphQL API  Sitecore Layout Services API Sitecore Services Client API Uses ASP.NET Web API as foundation for a RESTful API. Provide ItemService (Sitecore content items) and EntityService (custom business objects). Allows execution of Sitecore Search. Pros Available OOTB in older and newer versions of Sitecore XP. Provides read-only access to content item as JSON OData. No server-side code needed. Provide RESTful API for CRUD operations on items and executing Sitecore Search queries. Supports authentication