First look at Sitecore XM Cloud: Part 2 - Intro to Sitecore XM Cloud Deploy

In this post, we will see how we can deploy our very first instance of Sitecore XM Cloud.

To get started with Sitecore Portal, please refer to part 1 of the series.

To get started, log into and click on "Managed My Projects". This will launch the Sitecore XM Deploy app.

Sitecore XM Cloud Deploy

Note that the Create New Project button is disabled as the partner account currently allows 2 projects. Ideally, this would be active is you are creating your first project.

Once you click on the "Create new project" button, you are presented with a 7 step wizard.

Step 0: Select an option
Select an option

 Step 1: Select a starter template

Select a starter template

Step 2: Project details

Project Details

Step 3: Deployment repository details

GitHub is the default option. More options coming soon.

Deployment repository details

Step 4: Template repository details

Template repository details

Click on "Create a new GitHub connection" and you are redirected to log into you GitHub account and pick a repository to map to the project. Once the connection is established you will see the following message:

Connection successful

Step 5: Deployment repository details

This step actually allows you to provide a name to instantiate a new repository that will be mapped to the project.

Deployment repository details

If you use the name of a repo that already exists you may see the following error:

Repo already exists

There seems to be glitch where even you provide a new name, you receive an error message that says " Main branch could not be located" or something to that effect. At that point, I just close the wizard and proceed to creating an environment manually.

You can delete a Project if you do not have any environments instantiated within it:
Delete project

In the Part 3, we will see how we can create an environment which actually contains the Sitecore XM Cloud instance.


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