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Custom Sitecore Intel Transformers To Modify Date Format In Experience Profile

Going through the recently published Sitecore StackExchange site, I came across a question regarding modifying the date format of visits in Experience Profile since it shows the format by default. In case you don't know what I am talking about, here is what it looks like: It's not just that one view, the default date format seems to apply to other views as well: My obvious thought here was that there has to be a config setting somewhere that controls this date format. Here is my process of elimination: Eliminated Experience Profile configs since it did not contain any date related settings Looked at showconfig.aspx and found some index fields that contained date formats but eliminated since the default format was yyyy/mm/dd Eliminated the Reporting Database since the data formats were different Looked at the service calls made by Experience Explorer to fetch view data and found this: "InteractionStartDateTime":"2016-10-20T15:34:20.44