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Sitecore Multi-Lingual Implementation: Questions To Ask Your Potential Clients

Almost every life-size Sitecore implementation has a multi-lingual aspect to it. Asking the right questions separates the men from the boys, in other words, shows how mature your digital practice truly is. Here are my top questions I commonly ask my potential clients before implementing a multi-lingual/multi-cultural implementation: Question #1: What languages are to be enabled in Sitecore? Seems like an obvious one but there can be some nuances to consider here and our job is to dig into them.  A good reason to know all the languages you will need to support up front is that certain languages (German, Japanese etc.) can and do have an impact on your creative design and UX.  Speaking of nuances, if a client says they would like to enable Chinese, it's not enough to ask if they would like both Mandarin and Cantonese. I would further ask them if they are looking for traditional or simplified Chinese, and mind you they all have different language codes that you will n