Quick guide to attending Sitecore Symposium

Sitecore symposium is their biggest annual event hosted by Sitecore. It's usually during the month of October or November and officially lasts 5 days
  1. Day 1 is considered pre-conference day
  2. Day 2, 3, 4 are actual conference days with the Symposium Party on Day 3 and the closing note on day 4 at noon.
  3. Day 5 is MVP summit and open to Sitecore MVPs only
The attendance is almost a 50-50 distribution of clients and partners.
  1. Buying a pass
    1. If you are selected as a speaker you get a free pass.
    2. Early bird pricing can save you hundreds so look out for early bird pricing dates.
    3. If early bird pricing has expired.
      1. If you are a partner, you could become a sponsor and score some free passes.
      2. If you are a client or prospect, you should get in touch with your vendor partner as they may have discounted passes or even free passes they can offer you.
      3. If you are an individual looking for a last min discount, follow #SitecoreSym on Twitter for $100 discount code from Sitecore MVPs.
      4. If you just woke up and realized the symposium is tomorrow, you are SOL and need to pay full price.
  2. Accommodation
    1. Highly recommend staying at the location of the event as you will be walking a lot during the day and may want to get off your feet or freshen up in between talks.
    2. Sitecore provides booking discounts for stay at the event location when you register for the symposium so lookout for follow up emails from Sitecore when you register.
    3. Sitecore provides breakfast and lunch on Day 2, 3 and only breakfast on Day 4.
  3. Prepare an itinerary
    1. There are more than 100 sessions with 20+ topics covered across 4 tracks so you should plan your itinerary before you arrive. 
    2. Download the mobile app for the symposium.
    3. Save one or more sessions per time slot as you will most certainly be conflicted with multiple exciting sessions during the same time slot.
    4. Certain session by popular speakers or popular topics tend to be overbooked so register for the session in advance and show up a few mins ahead of schedule to secure good seating.
  4. Do not miss the Symposium Party on the evening of day 3.


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