Azure Kubernetes Services vs Azure Service Fabric, which one to choose for microservices architecture?

On a recent project, we proposed microservices architecture for e-commerce to the a client and it was a no brainer. 

The next decision was to choose a hosting provider. The client had subscriptions for both AWS and Azure and since the team predominantly had Microsoft skills, that decision was easy enough as well. 

In Microsoft Azure, we primarily were looking at two options:
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Azure Service Fabric (ASF)
The System Engineers were pretty set on their recommendation of AKS but the client wanted to go through a detailed analysis of  the pros and cons before arriving at a decision. So the team put together a good comparison chart between the AKS and ASF and arriving at the conclusion that AKS is the future of for hosting microservices. 

During all the analysis and research, our CTO came across a very elegant decision tree that made it much easier for the client to digest and arrive at their own conclusion. I thought it was worth a share, so here it is:


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